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Decided to mess around with multiple light sources by drawing one of my OCs. I'm personally just, so proud of how this turned out.

waterfall -



Grey-capped pygmy woodpecker
Yungipicus canicapillus

C AR Ebrahim, CC 4.0

a little more about these little lads i wanted to share! these little guys, or fignai as they call themselves, have tongues which look somewhat like a lamprey and once attached to it’s next meal injects a paralysing venom.. but they’re usually friendly so no worries

fignai can’t vocalise like humans do so their native language just sounds like a lot of croaking to humans!

Mermay 2020 Atempt

This as far as I went with the challenge because finals were coming right up at the same time! xD

mermay day 1+2

big papa syd + baby lucrece

in my au the merfolk differ in size depending on their "other half," so you get Absolute Units like orcas and smol bois like uh most fish

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Hey, I need more folks to follow on here. Repour this if you post or repour:

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If these aren't you but you know you have mutuals who reblog these things, just repour this to signal boost please, I'm trying to avoid the blue site as much as possible and I need more folks to follow.

pppppbbt, mmm vines, haha noooo it's totally not a medusa-d person, what are you even talking about ppppppffft

Would anyone be up for a random-themed fantasy rp? By random I mean things happen completely at random, it's completely improv'd and meant to be surreal and dream-like. Examples of similar vibes are the weird parts of Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Over the Garden Wall, etc. Random stuff happens and we build off of it, making it more and more ridiculous. (Random words are made up and used as if real, things appear and dissapear, odd characters and a somewhat ambiguous or shifting setting.) Any species/race and any gender (or lack thereof) is fine. Anywhere from just a couple sentences to a paragraph. Ocs (either made for it or pre-existing) preferred. Just reply if you're interested!

bday gift for Penny B. Parker aka "Frappe GIrl" !! she turned 21 on Tuesday!!

I've made a Homestuck blog!

If you like Homestuck/rp Homestuck/wanna see a new fan live blog about their first read through go ahead and follow me @homostuck !

lime -

on one hand this whole site is populated by homestucks and i am also a homestuck, if i did adoptables it probably do kids trolls or cherubs

on the other, teach a man how to draw a furry and he can feed a family

ocsartandcheetopuffs -

I joined this site before I became a homestuck....

My trollsona!

My friend helped me redesign/design a trollsona I made originally with a picrew! I love them so much...

The aspect is one created by said friend, because they made some up when the extended zodiac came out! The art is also by the friend.

I'm not too far into Homestuck yet, only at the very start of act five. So I don't know what all this is yet. But I'm excited!

He uses he/they pronouns!

Hey sooo...

I'm into Homestuck now...

2019 is the year of my OCs getting design updates that I'm 10x happier with. My holstaurus OC Sacch got a makeover and I'm super happy with this! I also wanted to make her body type more realistic and be less afraid of sharing body positive work!

mush -

Was playing with digital painting and distortion,,

emydoidea -

Fandom pet peeve:

Trans headcanoning that always assumes a character’s current presentation reflects their gender and hardly ever seeing them as pre-transition, which usually leaves us with 500,000 pieces of content for trans men and nonbinary people who want to pass as men and hardly any for trans women and every other type of nb person 😕

Also I’m glad there are no truscum on here so maybe I can draw trans masc characters with breasts who are (gasp) not binding without being called transphobic 🙃

ocsartandcheetopuffs -

yeah, I need more content of trans-masc people with boobs/not binding. And we do desperately need trans-fem content!

government assigned pkmn starter

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hit us up with what you get

mine is.... **51708


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Thanks I hate it

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emydoidea -


This is badass actually 🤔

ocsartandcheetopuffs -


Big Mood from Honey 😴🍯

syrup -

uhhhhh not to sound invasive but


i’m just really curious what y’all look like

syrup -

okay but, I was thinking of something fun we could do. Ready?

Reblog this with traits or concepts or aesthetics that you feel in your soul and you feel like they portray you. AND. I. WILL. DRAW. YOU.

it could be stuff like “soft, glitter, rainy days, horns, femme, smol, bunny ears, messy long hair, blue and pink” and I’ll try to capture that or whatever it makes me feel :^) it will have hooman basic structure (maybe) but it will be a little caricaturesque creature :3

okay worst case nobody reblogs and best case i get to do like 35 drawings cause that’s how many active users I perceive around here ehehe

did a little projecting and drew a nonbinary joxter ・ ゚*。・゚★。♡

A moodboard for one of the characters in my book, Serina!